Fascinating Sex Facts

Fascinating Sex Facts

In the midst of all the information on the Internet, truth and fantasy can sometimes get mixed up – and truth often gets completely lost among the fantasies, the fiction, and the fallacies.

So to set you straight on some important measurements about sex and everything that goes with it, we’ve looked through the Internet and we’ve discovered the following amazing facts!

Penis Length

First of all, penis size is much smaller than you might think if you’ve been watching a lot of porn with well hung studs thrusting deeply into screaming women.

Penis size bears no relation to sexual pleasure.
Penis size bears no relationship to sexual pleasure.

In fact the average penis is 5.9 inches long when erect, and the size of an erect penis bears no relationship to the size of a flaccid penis.

Second of all, the physical sensations of orgasm last four times longer in a woman than a man.

Orgasmic ability is greater in women
Orgasm lasts 4 times longer in a woman than a man!

This is pretty amazing – women take longer to get aroused, women take longer to orgasm, and then, when they do come, they last for around 20 seconds in the throes of orgasm, whilst men can only muster a miserable 6 seconds on average! Maybe this reflects the fact that men get so much more pleasure from thrusting than women… Or do they?

Vagina Size

Third, the average vagina is a mere 4 inches long, and when it isn’t full of a penis or anything else that its owner cares to put inside, there’s no empty space inside it.

This does raise the interesting question of how a woman can possibly accommodate some of the giant pieces of mail equipment that we see – yes sorry to mention it again, in the porn on the Internet.

That mystery remains, as yet, unsolved, but it’s not hard to imagine that somewhere in the equation is a sensation of discomfort if not pain for the woman.

There’s been a programme on British TV recently called Naked Attraction, the premise of which is rather banal, in that people can choose a date for the night on the basis of bodily appearance alone (i.e., by looking at completely naked bodies,  excluding faces).

One notable outcome of this is that when women are presented with enormous flaccid cocks, most of them turn the guy down on the grounds that it will be too painful for them to accommodate him during lovemaking.

Makes you think, doesn’t it? In fact, it puts a completely different slant on statistic # 1 above. Better to be average, eh?

Fake It Till You … Uh… Don’t Make It!

Woman regularly fake orgasms.... oh dear.
Woman regularly fake orgasms…. oh dear.

Fourth, it may not surprise you to learn that 80% of all women admit to faking orgasm.

There are loads of reasons why women might want to fake an orgasm, but first and foremost I think is the desire to make their man feel that he’s a good lover.

The second, regrettably, is probably to stop the man thrusting because the woman is not enjoying herself during a heavy bout of pounding.

The reality is that very few women reach orgasm during intercourse – far fewer than the figures that you see bandied around the Internet, most of which are probably designed just to make men feel inadequate.

In fact only 10 or 15% women can come through vaginal intercourse alone with no additional clitoral stimulation.

So if you can’t make a woman come during intercourse, you are part of a large majority of men and women who don’t experience this pleasure!

(If you want to have the pleasurable woman coming during intercourse, massage her clitoris. That way, sex won’t go on so long, the woman will be happy with an orgasm, and you might even get the pleasure of coming as she comes.)

Sex partners

Fifth, men and women have the same number of sex partners on average. There’s a myth – and that really is all it is – that men have far more sex partners than women.

If that were true there would have to be a small number of women having sex with an enormous number of men!

Assuming that when people talk about partners they (i.e. men) are not talking about sex that they’ve paid for, the statistics turn out to be swayed by an interesting aspect of female psychology.

Women will always understate the number of sexual partners they’ve had, and men will always tend to exaggerate. (The real average for both sexes is just under 8 in a lifetime, by the way…)

This seems to be based on the belief that certain judgements follow if a woman seems to have had a lot of sex partners:  that she’ll be labelled promiscuous or a slut. Sure, and if a man admits to a lot of sex partners he’ll be labelled a stud and secretly admired.

But when you give people the opportunity to report on how many sex partners totally anonymously, so nobody can see what they’re writing down on a piece paper, guess what: men and women report exactly the same number of sex partners on average.

Length Of Intercourse

Sixth: we’ve already covered this, but why not cover it again!

The ideal duration of intercourse for women is between 7 and 10 minutes. But very few men can thrust for this long, most of them come within 5 minutes and the majority within 3. Anything going on beyond 12 minutes is really quite rare.

And in any event why are you looking at how long sex lasts?

Shouldn’t you be looking at the level of satisfaction and pleasure that you and your partner both get from sex?

When you look at it in that framework, then you might apply a completely different set of criteria to sexual intercourse.

That might be the number of orgasms reached during any kind of sex play. So, if you’re in any doubt that you’re lasting long enough, then what you might want to be doing is giving your woman orgasm through oral sex or manual pleasure before you even enter her. Satisfaction can be obtained in many different ways.

Pleasure comes in many forms
Pleasure comes in many forms

How Often, Not How Long?

The final interesting sex fact for today: how often couples have sex.

This is a bit like asking how long intercourse lasts – everybody wants know the answer to the question so they can compare themselves with the average and see if they are “adequate” in bed or not.

So get away from that mentality, because whatever you’re doing with your partner in bed, as long as you’re both happy with it and it’s satisfying for you, is good enough. But, just for the record and because we know you want to know: couples who have sex once a week are the most content.

However, it’s obvious that the number of times a week a couple have sex depends on many factors including their age and health.

So there is no right or wrong number of times to have sex, and there probably isn’t an easy way of defining an average. 

According to David Schnarch only 26% of couples are hitting the once-a-week mark, with the majority of the respondents reporting sex only once or twice a month, or less!

However, another study printed in The University of Chicago Press about 10 years ago, stated that married couples are having sex about seven times a month, which is a little less than twice a week.
And in a third study, it was reported that out of the 16,000 adults interviewed, the older participants were having sex about 2 to 3 times per month, while younger participants said they were having sex about once a week.