The coital alignment technique

I’m often asked in my role as a sex counselor, “what is the best sex position?” 

Well, there’s no simple answer this question because what a couple find enjoyable depends on the orientation of the erect penis in the vagina, and also the relative size of the male and female genitals.

This means that one couple will find the physical pleasure of, say, man on top to be highly preferable to the physical pleasure of rear entry, while another couple may experience exactly the reverse.

No choice is right or wrong, it just depends on what suits a couple most.

Taken with the psychological and emotional pleasures of different sex positions, you can see that the opportunity for variation in favourite positions between couples is considerable.

However, one thing that almost all couples complain about is the fact that it’s rather difficult for the woman to reach orgasm during intercourse.

This is a perennial source of difficulty and friction for couples, where the woman expects to be able to get sexual pleasure, quite reasonably, from the activities of her man, but he is only interested in thrusting to ejaculation during intercourse.

One solution, of course, is for a man to spend a lot more time on foreplay, but the truth is, that very often men are reluctant to do this, even though there are many advantages to doing so: not least the fact that an aroused woman enjoys lovemaking, and she’s much more into the experience, than a woman who’s not been aroused.

So if the man is going to go rapidly to intercourse (i.e. thrusting) then he clearly has a responsibility to ensure that it’s prolonged for the maximum duration possible, so as to ensure that woman can get an orgasm and full sexual pleasure.

In addition he also has a responsibility to try and ensure that she has an orgasm. The one method that might allow couples to enjoy orgasm during intercourse is the coital alignment technique, a sexual technique which is a modification of the standard missionary position. Click here to read all about it.

The coital alignment technique specifically requires the man and woman to adopt a different orientation during lovemaking.

To start with, the man enters as he would during standard missionary sex, and then shifts his body upwards, so that the angle of his penis is bent backwards, and that his pelvic bone, or pubic bone more specifically, is located in the general area of his partner’s clitoris.

Then, instead of thrusting backwards and forwards, a couple adopt a rocking motion which is more of an up-and-down motion of their pelvises.

If done correctly, the coital alignment technique will have the effect of allowing the man’s pubic bone to stimulate the whole clitoral area of the woman, resulting in a level of stimulation that may well produce an orgasm if the man does not ejaculate too soon.

Now I know this is only one of the sex positions available to many couples, but it’s one of the best sex positions for couple who want enjoy female orgasm and maybe simultaneous orgasm during sexual intercourse.

coital alignment technique