Learning To Last Longer

OK men, listen up!

I’m going to tell you a few home truths. This may make uncomfortable reading, but I think it’s something you need to hear.

First of all, you need to ask yourself if you can’t control how you come during sex because you’re sexually inexperienced.

And of course in one sense you probably are: after all, the frequency of uncontrolled climax in men with a great deal of sexual experience is considerably lower than it is amongst a sexually naive population, who tend to be young men with a high sex drive.

Naturally enough, having a high sex drive is in itself a factor that tends to predispose men to ejaculate quickly.

One of the other factors that is often not taken into account is the rather obvious, but nonetheless noteworthy fact that being with a naked woman, knowing you’re about to have sex with her can be extremely exciting – i.e. sexually arousing.

There are two reasons for this. One is the prospect of actually having sex and ejaculating inside a woman (that’s exciting, yes?), and the other is the fact that you’ve never done it before.

In other words, there’s an element of unfamiliarity which predisposes men to ejaculate far too quickly during intercourse.

I’d like to propose a radical and rather interesting solution to this difficulty: that is to say, that you might use the material available on the Internet, sexually explicit material, both videos of people making love, and educational websites that will explain to you the female anatomy, to become more familiar with what you’re actually going to be experiencing first-hand, before you actually get into bed with a woman.

You might think this may not make much difference but I can assure you that it will make several differences.

Used correctly, this technique actually massively increase your confidence, because you’re actually familiar with the genitalia of the woman, which means you have a great deal more confidence about what to do physically.

If you’ve been wise enough to watch material which educates you about oral sex techniques, or masturbation techniques, then you’re very likely to be able to ensure that you take your partner to orgasm, which will eliminate any concerns you may have about intercourse lasting a very brief time.

Let’s face it, no matter how well-intentioned you are, if you’re making love for the first time, then intercourse is not going to last very long. Your job, as a developing sexual being, is to learn how to last longer in bed and find out how to develop greater staying power.

In short, you’re going to ejaculate extremely quickly regardless of what you do, and the way that you get round this problem, is to satisfy the woman — i.e. give her an orgasm — before you even get into her.

So here are some resources that might be helpful. The first one is a resource which you can actually use to look at clitoris pictures, so that you’re familiar with the object of your desire and the second resource is that a website specifically about a program that is designed to help you last longer in bed.

It’s a review of ejaculation by command review, which is a program by Lloyd Lester that has achieved a great deal of popularity and success due to the fact that it helps men overcome premature ejaculation comparatively easily and in a very short space of time.

Now that’s very exciting, but you don’t have to take my word for it, because if you look on the Internet you’ll find plenty of websites which actually demonstrate you the great success of this program.

I know independent reviews are few and far between on the Internet, because most of them tend to be mere sales pitches. However, ejaculation by command has achieved notoriety, or rather, is achieved fame, simply because actually delivers on its promises.

Using a combination of techniques that involve self hypnosis, sexual techniques, and reprogramming your mind to be absolutely confident about your sexual ability, you’ll find ejaculation by command allows you to make love for much longer. Indeed, in my experience it’s not unusual for men to extend the duration of lovemaking from two minutes to 20 minutes.

Only by using the correct techniques can you do this, and in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of the whole ejaculation control scenario is your intention to last longer in bed.

Unless you actually have a clear intention to develop your staying power and personal stamina, you’re not likely to succeed in extending the duration of intercourse.

The first question you ask yourself, therefore, must be: do I really mean to last longer in bed? Does it matter to me to satisfy my partner by giving her a long-lasting sexual intercourse?

Another extremely exciting aspect of ejaculation by command is the fact that it contains 15 emergency techniques which you can use the control your ejaculation during lovemaking today.

These are techniques which are guaranteed to work almost instantly, giving you far greater power and control in bed than you ever expected or imagined possible. You may be wondering if there emergency techniques that are so successful why you can’t use them on a permanent basis!

The answer to that is that you want to be able to make love without even thinking about what you’re doing, and the emergency techniques do require you to focus, to some degree, on the activity of lovemaking and what’s happening in the moment.

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