Great ideas for better sex

When you’re looking for a way of achieving more fun (which probably means more orgasms!) in your sex life, the best way is to think of your partner’s pleasure first.

So for me, what this means is making sure than my female partner always has an orgasm before I enter her…. what you may not know is that many women (probably all women, in fact) like to enjoy feeling their man inside them after they have had an orgasm.

Sex for women is different to sex for men – once a woman has had an orgasm, she is most likely still going to be ready to enjoy more sexual contact, whereas, as you most likely know, once  man has had an orgasm…. well, that tends to signal the end of sex for the day!

So any man who is concerned with his partner’s pleasure will take the time to ensure that she has an orgasm before he does. and furthermore, if he genuinely looks out for her pleasure, he will be always trying to give her the best orgasm he can… which may include a squirting or ejaculating orgasm.

Now, many women will say that they are not interested in the finer points of squirting (also known as gushing) orgasms, but the truth is that once a woman has experienced this phenomenon, she is likely to find that her continued development means the production of Amrita (or female ejaculate) is a natural step along the road of sexual pleasure.

So men can score highly with their womenfolk by learning how to give a woman a squirting orgasm, and taking her to the highest levels of pleasure before enjoying their own ejaculation during intercourse.

Get a body like this with the Adonis Golden Ratio
Get a body like this with the Adonis Golden Ratio

Now, the question arises – how are you going to do this? To start with, men should always be as fit as possible. It goes without saying, perhaps, that the fitter and healthier you are, the more sex drive you will have, and the more ability you will have to pleasure your partner and to turn her on in the first place. You will find that the Adonis Ratio Diet is a fitness program for men which is more than able to fulfill all those objectives.

Another answer is to take the video training program available from This is all about men learning how to pleasure a woman effectively. Check out their  female orgasm videos here.

That video will effectively allow you to learn the art of vaginal stimulation so that you can bring a woman to the peak of pleasure – but for full information on the ultimate pleasure that you can give a woman, you need to check out “How to make a woman squirt” – well, what are you waiting for? Check out how to make a woman gush now.

Now, of course some of you men reading this will be thinking, “well, can this really be true?” And I understand your doubts. There’s a tendency on the part of all men to think that vaginal intercourse is just as pleasurable for the woman as it is for the man, but sadly that is not true… many women don’t actually like vaginal intercourse and put up with it only for the sake of the pleasure it brings their men.

Good sex depends on ejaculation control
An ideal position for ejaculation control

So what you can do here is to consistently improve your sexual skills and by doing so, show your partner that you are very interested in her welfare and that you love her. If you want to know more about the reality of squirting or gushing orgasm, you can find out more here. The ultimate answer, however, to each couple’s sexual pleasure, is for communication to be consistent, open and honest. By telling each other what you want and ensuring that the lines of communication remain open, you will ensure that your sex life remains fun filled and happy.