Effective Ejaculation Control

When a man is sensitive to the level of arousal in his body, and can feel the beginning of the fluttering of the muscles of the pelvis, as they prepare for ejaculation and orgasm, he will be better able to control his orgasm.

So as his arousal increases, and sensations of contraction of the muscles of the pelvis become more clear, significant but short lived contraction of the pubococcygeal muscle by the man – under voluntary control – will inhibit his increase in arousal.

You may well have seen that a number of climax control programs suggest that it’s possible to control your “release” by strengthening the pubococcygeal muscle and then using it to clamp down as the process of ejaculation commences.

I’ve researched the matter thoroughly and I can assure you that there is absolutely no possibility of this working by clamping down with the PC muscle.

For one thing, it doesn’t actually stop you shooting your load – and if it works at all, it only works to stop the semen being emitted from the end of the penis.

What this means is that while contracting the PC muscle hard, you lose the pleasure of orgasm, you don’t control your release, and you also lose your erection.

However the interesting thing is that there is a way to use the pubococcygeal muscle as a means of ejaculation control when you’re learning to last longer in bed and develop greater stamina.

What you should actually be doing is contracting the muscle briefly at regular intervals in the run-up to the point of no return.

That is to say, as you become more aroused, you can increase the contractions of the pubococcygeal muscle voluntarily: do so with a short, sharp inbreath – and then expel the air that you’ve inhaled as you release the muscle in short sharp gasps.

This combination of physical and breathing work will significantly reduce your arousal, interrupting the increase in your arousal and your rapid movement towards the point of no return.

It’s not entirely clear why this works, although contracting the muscle in this way as you become more aroused will always cause a significant or noticeable decrease in the strength of your erection.

My assumption is that as your erection diminishes, the stimulation that the penis receives diminishes, and so therefore does your arousal as well.

It’s a well-known Tantric technique for slowing down orgasm and ejaculation control, and well worth practicing at home if you desire to find a way of controlling ejaculation during sex with your partner.

Admittedly, this requires patience and tolerance and understanding on your partner’s part as well, so it’s worth while researching this and explaining what you’re going to do with her before you actually commence.

Develop male endurance during intercourse

Well, the classic advice is to find a sexual position in which the penis receives less stimulation, so you have a chance of lasting longer before you ejaculate.

Much has been written on the subject, and the various merits of different sexual positions been debated extensively in Internet forums and elsewhere.

What I can tell you with great certainty, however, is that whichever positions you find most arousing will be the ones that do not really help you last longer. They are least likely to produce ejaculation control.

The positions that you find least arousing, either psychologically or physically — that is to say, they may place less pressure on your penis, and therefore provide less neural stimulation — are the ones where you’ll be able to make love for longer.

We can probably assume that rear entry is a no-no for most men who are learning to develop more staying power, simply because it is so arousing.

The same might also be true of the man on top position, which has the capacity to arouse and excite in a way that few other positions have.

This is because the muscular effort exerted to keep your weight off your woman as you lie on top of her or position yourself on top of her increases the amount of tension in your body.

Since orgasm is actually primarily the release of tension through muscular contraction and then spontaneous waves of contraction and relaxation, you can see that any position which increases bodily tension is likely to shorten the time between penetration and orgasm.

This means the sitting positions and side-by-side positions are best for developing greater self-control, and this is borne out by the reports that men have given me as to how effective they can be.

I strongly recommend that you use the side-by-side position if you wish to make love for longer.

You will find when you practice that you can start in the man on top position and then turn onto your sides, in this way giving the woman plenty of pleasure and decreasing the amount of pressure that is on your penis significantly. This will allow you to last longer, while not depriving your woman of much pleasure.

It’s ideal for ejaculation control because it allows you to lie still, talk to each other, caress all the other parts of the body, but in particular, for a man with a tendency to come too soon, lying still in this way will prove to be a very effective way of improving performance in bed and so boosting self-esteem.

Penetration cannot be particularly deep in this position, which gives a man another resource to ensure that he doesn’t come too soon. All in all this is an excellent technique.

Eeffective ejaculation control

1)  masturbation training to become familiar with sensations of the body before the point of no return and during the run-up to ejaculation

2) vaginal acclimatization

3) choosing the correct sex position and

4) muscular control of the pubococcygeal muscle.

By combining all these techniques in various ways, you are likely to be able to establish complete control of ejaculation within only a few weeks.

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