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The Penis As Stimulator

I am astonished by the number of people who overlook the penis itself as a stimulator in foreplay. Mind you, to use it in this way does call for absolute orgasm control on the part of the man!

Man and woman making love
The penis can serve as a tool for female stimulation

However, don’t let’s waste time trying to unravel the mystery of why so few men have complete control of ejaculation.

Let me instead put down a number of ways in which you can use your penis to caress some sensitive spot on your female partner.


The first of these spots is the obvious one—the clitoris and vulva.

There are a number of ways in which this key to your woman’s whole sexual responsiveness can be reached. 

1 The couple lie on their sides facing one another and the man, holding his penis just below the rim, with two fingers on the frenulum, and the thumb on top, teases the clitoris, which his partner is exposing for him by holding the lips apart, for the softly supple and slippery penis-head to carress.

Apparently, the effect of this caress of the clitoris is quite different in quality from the caress by a finger, or even by the tongue. Obviously as a man I have never been able to experience it myself, so I cannot confirm or dispute it. However, in this caress the two lovers come into direct contact. 

2 The man lies on top of his partner, who keeps her labia parted and her clitoris exposed. He places his penis along the vaginal ridge with the glans just above her clitoris, so that raising and lowering of his buttocks moves his penis backwards and forwards across his partner’s clitoris. If he swings his buttocks rhythmically, he can produce superb feelings for his partner and himself.

3 The man again lies on top of his partner, but slightly higher up her, so that the base of his penis makes contact with the clitoris. He presses quite hard on the clitoris and moves his penis backwards and forwards on it by swinging his buttocks forwards and backwards. 

4 The man kneels astride his partner with his back to her, his bottom resting lightly on her belly, and himself placed in such a position that when he parts her lips to expose her clitoris with one hand and depresses his penis with the other, the penis-head makes contact with the clitoris.

He rolls his penis-head from side to side over the clitoris with his fingers either side, and the penis-head inserted between the fingers.

This is generally a technique for older men, over the age, say, of forty. Younger men’s erections tend to be much more upstanding than the older man’s, and to depress the penis this far would hurt.

It seems that as a man ages, his penis becomes much more versatile in its movement! But certainly, the angle of an older guy’s penis, while losing no stiffness, takes up a stand that is more oriented towards the horizontal.

Still, this shouldn’t stop a younger man from trying this technique if he wants to. Who knows, it might work well for him!


Only the first third of the length of the vagina has a lot of sensitivity, and the entrance itself is most sensitive. 

The man lies on top of his partner and puts only the head of his penis, as far as the rim, in the vagina. By moving in and out delicately, he teases the entry of the vagina with the coronal ridge of his glans.

Most women are turned on really high by this and make their appreciation known loudly, even when normally they don’t make much noise during sexual connection.


One woman I knew liked me to stimulate a nipple with my penis-tip until I came, and came herself when I “released” on her nipple. At least try the penis – nipple contact…. if not all the way to orgasm!


Don’t be shy, guys and gals! The anus is sensitive, and especially for those men who have trouble coming, who have delayed ejaculation in other words, the men who cannot release except by the intense friction of their own hand, anal stimulation can provide the extra oomph they need to get going and finally reach orgasm during intercourse!

The anal opening is more sensitive than you might think. This is because the nerves surrounding the anus are directly responsive to sexual stimulation. 

The penis can be employed to good effect in this area in two or three ways.

First, the woman lies flat on her belly and the man places his well lubricated penis between her buttock cheeks, his glans over her anal opening. By moving his penis backwards and forwards he stimulates her anus and the nerves on the surface of her anal muscle.

Second, the woman kneels on the bed with her head resting on the pillow. The man stands or kneels behind her and opens her buttocks to reveal her anus. He moves his cock that it makes contact with his partner’s anus. Taking his penis in his hand he rubs her anus with his glans. 

Third, the woman takes up the previous position. Her lover lubricates her anal opening externally and internally, using an oil based lube. 

He inserts his glans through the anal opening and moves it in and out gently but quickly with his woman completely relaxed.  If she finds it painful and cannot relax, he must withdraw at once.

These are just a few tips for using the penis as stimulator. No doubt the really ingenious couple will find other methods!