Coital Alignment Technique

The coital alignment technique is a special way of making love, a modified missionary position, which men and women can use to enable the woman to experience a way of making love which leads to orgasm during sex.

Good sex depends on the coital alignment technique
An ideal position for mutual orgasm – but it’s not the coital alignment technique.

One of the advantages of this is that sex becomes more intimate and rewarding for a couple, and they both find that the reward of reaching orgasm greatly enhances their experience of being together both in and out of bed.

As you can imagine, this leads to a mutual exchange of loving feelings, as well as the simple reward and good sense of a shared experience which has resulted in mutual orgasm – perhaps even simultaneous orgasm.

The unfortunate thing is that although there are many resources on the Internet about how to use the coital alignment technique, it’s somehow shrouded in obscurity and mystery when you read the descriptions!

It’s not an easy technique to master because it’s so counter to the way that we naturally learn to make love, and indeed perhaps also to the instincts that we bring to making love (women – to submit; men to dominate, “take” and ejaculate as fast as possible).

In the CAT the male partners, instead of thrusting in and out of their partner, are encouraged to take a sexual position on their partner in which their penis enters her vagina at a more vertical angle, and to move differently: instead of thrusting in and out, to adopt a rocking motion which leads to the movement of the penis up and down inside the woman’s vagina.

coital alignment technique
Coital alignment technique

This may sound counterintuitive, perhaps even a little peculiar, but the object of the exercise is very clear: it’s to make the man’s pubic area, in particular his pubic bone and possibly also the base of his penile shaft, come into contact with the woman’s clitoral area, or more specifically her clitoral head. 

This will bring her to orgasm.

The repeated rocking motion, which has to be adapted so that it’s at a level of intensity which is pleasurable for the woman, can lead to a much longer period of intercourse because the man does not thrust deeply (which tends to make him ejaculate fast); instead it leads to a gradual buildup of pressure on her clitoris at an intensity that can bring her to orgasm much more easily.

Clearly there are many advantages to this. However, some people try the coital alignment technique and then quickly abandon it because they don’t find it easy to use in practice.

But, with persistence and a degree of sophisticated lovemaking, it is true that the coital alignment technique will bring the woman to orgasm during intercourse, lead to simultaneous orgasm, and indeed, take you both to a new experience of sex…..

What this means is that the man and woman can experience a kind transcendental state during sex, which is something very unlike the kind of sex which produces normal orgasm.

It’s a kind of breaking of boundaries, the unification of the two people into one, and a movement into the spiritual dimension of sex which is often talked about, but rarely experienced.

Whether or not you want to reach the spiritual dimension during sex is, of course, a matter of personal choice and taste, because you may be satisfied with the sexual relationship that you have!

However the coital alignment technique can definitely improve the enjoyment of sex for a woman, even if you’re not interested in moving into the spiritual dimension.

By bringing her to orgasm in this way, a man makes sex much more intense and rewarding for a woman, and it follows therefore that she’s going to enjoy sex much more.

And so is he. But the natural place of woman is in the Lover archetype, which is all about feeling, flow, and connection.

For a man who is in a sexual relationship with a woman, to have his partner and lover find enjoying sex as much as much as he is can be a transformative experience; it’s definitely a bonding experience within the relationship, and the mechanics of the coital alignment technique can lead to developments in the relationship which go far beyond physical pleasure.

Love and connection

Love and connection are all about mutual intimacy and sensuality – and in no way can sexual intercourse be said to involve mutual sensuality and connection if the woman is not reaching orgasm on a regular basis.

Indeed, for those relationships where the man is simply taking his pleasure at the expense of the woman, making no effort to ensure she reaches orgasm in return, it’s definitely a major improvement to be able to use the alignment technique, because it offers the pleasure of satisfaction and sexual fulfilment for both partners.

coital alignment technique provides mutual pleasure
Mutual pleasure is everything in sex

Now, you may not be particularly interested in satisfying your partner right now, but the simple fact  is that when men and women make love, there should be a mutuality, a sense of mutual affection and love, a willingness to provide as well as take, a willingness to satisfy, and indeed, an expectation on the woman’s part that she will have an orgasm.

If your relationship is in difficulties, then the coital alignment technique can make it better; if your relationship is working well, the coital alignment technique can make it even better; and, remember also, we are all entitled to achieve as much sexual pleasure as possible.

It is our right to extend our sexual pleasure to limits of our sexual capacity, and to experience what our bodies are capable of…. this is a God-given source of mutual satisfaction.

You can find instructions all over the Internet on how best to use the coital alignment technique, but some of the best have been provided here – this is where you will find clear instructions, together with videos, photographs and demonstrations of the coital alignment technique, together with a video program that will enable you to become an excellent lover and satisfy your partner, hopefully on every occasion you get into bed together!

And if you’re still doubting that the coital alignment technique has any validity for you, just read the comments from these people who tried it!