Breathing Properly Can Stop You Coming Too Fast

In this article, we are going to talk the importance of breathing in order to stay in control of your arousal and  a specific breathing technique that make will you last longer in bed.

You see, If you can control your breath, you can control your body.

If you were looking for a magic pill that solves all problems with no efforts on your part, well I’m sorry to tell you that such thing doesn’t exist.

Like anything of value in life, learning how to make love for longer requires some work. But breathing really is the closest thing to a magic pill.

The breath is the link between what you can’t control and what you can control in your body. For example, you can’t control your heart, you can’t tell your heart to stop beating. On the other hand, you can fully control the movements of your arms or your hands.

Breathing is somewhere in the middle. If you don’t think about breathing, you breath anyway, and that’s obviously a good thing – we don’t have to always think about breathing in order to survive!

But you can also control your breathing, focus on it and modify it in order to change what’s happening in your body. With your breathing, you can control stress and fear, and you can also control your sexual arousal and last longer during sex.

Simply using deep breathing and focusing on your breathing will allow you to decrease your arousal level significantly in no time, and at will. When I say “deep breathing”, I mean a breath that starts from the belly. Don’t breathe from your chest; it has to start from your belly.

Breathing Techniques To Increase bedroom Stamina

Now, I want you to simply start putting all your attention on your breathing. Focus on your inhalations and your exhalations. Notice how only focusing on it makes you breathe more slowly and deeply. Notice how you already feel more relaxed, more in control of what’s happening in your body.

Now, try a few deep breaths. Again, I want you to focus only on your breathing. Visualize the air first filling your belly, then rising to your rib cage, then to your heart and then to your throat; be aware of those 4 points as you inhale.

When you exhale, just let go of all the air and relax. Don’t force the air out of your lungs but just let go. Don’t be shy – you can even make a little sound like “haaaaaaa” as you release the air.

OK, so now that you know that breathing is one of the keys to control your climax, and now that you know what deep breathing is, you can incorporate it in your practice.

When you masturbate (as I teach my students), be focused on your body and your sensations. Also, be aware of your arousal and where you are on a scale of 1 to 10; it shouldn’t be too hard to focus on your breathing at the same time.

Whenever you feel your arousal going up faster than you would like, focus on your breathing and start doing deep breaths as I just described.

I can guarantee that this alone will bring your arousal back down and give you more control. 

And by the way, you can do the same during intercourse. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on your breathing or using deep breathing while making love.

It will definitely help you last longer and your partner might even find it sexy. (Especially when she realizes you’re in control and you’re present in the moment!)

But if you’re worried that she might think you’re doing something weird, why don’t you share with her what you’re trying to accomplish? She can be a great support for you, particularly when she realizes your objective is to make sex better for both of you!

So the tip I just gave you seems pretty simple right? But believe me this is effective. And it can give results instantly too! To summarize, when you feel your arousal going up, focus on your breathing, slow down your breathing and breathe fully starting by filing the belly.

This will bring your arousal back down and keep you in control. If you would like to learn more about breathing techniques and other very powerful ways to train your body and your mind to last as long as you want in bed, I have a simple, step by step video program that is available.

Tony Bonacci – Guest Writer

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