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Hi there!

Thanks for joining me on my small blog about the art of lasting longer in bed. The reason I wrote this is because I know how much of a problem it can be for a man when he comes quickly and can’t delay his ejaculation in the way he would like to… the reason I know is that for years and years and years in my first long-term relationship I was a real two-minute man. (Here’s the program that helped me get over it !)

What an embarrassment not be able to last longer in bed. And the thing is, no matter how nice your partner is about it, you know what she’s really thinking! The truth is it really does matter to a woman that you’re able to sustain sexual intercourse for a reasonable length of time… the point is she wants to feel you inside her for a least a few minutes, even if you can’t bring her to orgasm through sexual intercourse.

Anyway, after a lot of heartache I found I could gradually get better and better control of my ejaculation and last longer and longer in bed. Having now achieved success in the bedroom – I can basically go on for as long as I want during sex – I’d just like pay that back a little bit by offering some information and guidance to the guys in the same position that I used to be in, the men who want to last longer in bed.

Apart from that, I’m an an ordinary guy, in my 40s, with about the average level of sexual experience for my age – that’s about five or six partners – and making love on average between one and two times a week, which I think is also about average for my age. But boy when I make love, do I do it successfully! And that’s what I want to pass on to you – the art of lasting longer in bed for men.

With very best wishes,

John D S Alexander

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